The Creed of The Temple of the Waters

...we offer gratitude to the Creator of the universe, from whom we come and to whom we return.

...we give thanks to the messengers who have been sent from the Divine.

...we seek a path of service to Spirit - we are guided in our walk by their creation, and by our ancestors and descendants. 

...we pray that our practices remake us into instruments for the Divine.

...we believe in the immanence of the Spirit and the transcendence of the material. is alive.  we believe that service, action and love give it breath, and that profound-sounding creeds & statements of faith mean little.

...we are born of water.  as members of the temple of the waters, we pledge to honor and respect the wisdom of the waters cradled by the land, and carried in human bodies.

...we know that the Holy takes many shapes, forms and beliefs.  we seek to honor love, and respect each other's sacred understandings of Divinity.