Monthly Rites

Our monthly rituals are occasions for connection that happen on a regular basis every month, either based on the Gregorian or lunar calendar.

what this is: a ritual space where free-form movement, or stillness, expresses the sacredness of each moment. we begin and end each TempleDance with a circle where folks are free to share their intentions/experiences. in between, no one's gonna tell you to move a certain way, or move at all, or focus on your elbow or inner-child. or outer-child. this is a place where folks can dance, laugh, pray, cry, rage, journal or color if they feel so called. you are welcome to join us.

for those familiar with 5 rhythms, the arc of the music is similar to that. for those unfamiliar, the energy of the music creates two energetic arcs, from stillness to chaos to stillness.

the important piece to anticipate is that it's very different than a dj keeping the energy up for the whole time. we're taking a ride together.

so come! come explore this exploration.

...and feel free to bring any items for the altar.


This is a time to come by the Temple and do as you're called to.  Create music, make art, avail yourself of the Temple library, journal, etc.

No prayers turned away for lack of structure.

We will post here when the schedule is determined.