10/01: Liver Biopsy on Friday

brief update:

...one of the things our doctor recommended is a biopsy on the growth in rebecca's liver.  the goal is to figure out how the cancer mutated that rendered the current drug rebecca's been taking less effective.


they said they'd try to schedule us sooner than later.  and then there was a cancellation.  next appointment is october 16th, so we're taking this one.


tomorrow morning sometime between 8 and noon PST our beloved rebecca will be in the hospital with a needle in her liver and some really fantastic healers (including a dear friend) around her trying their best to shed light on our next steps.

and tomorrow evening she and i are going to see one of my musical heroes, gillian welch, in concert.  if you don't know what she's like, well she's like this www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyN-krBTWLY and like this www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NPEj63d0jY


prayers and meditations for rebecca's well-being, and the ability of the process to shed appropriate light on our path, are welcomed...as well as prayers that the aftereffects of the needle-poking fade quickly enough that she be able to fully enjoy the liveliness that the sacrament of music can bestow.


may rebecca's body be clear of all tumors
may she be in radiant health
we offer gratitude for the restoration of her eyesight
we offer gratitude for the ongoing health of baby solas
we pray for clear, gentle guidance in this healing path

in the name of the One