10/07: Procedure Thursday

hello all --

another brief update:

there's a procedure called "gamma knife" radiation that's apparently a more precise version of radiation therapy with fewer side effects, and our doctor recommended it for the growths in the vicinity of rebecca's pineal gland and pituitary gland.

after the briefing today, we learned that there's serious side-effects from radiating the pituitary gland And that the doctors aren't sure that what they're seeing there is indeed a tumor.  so we're gonna hold off on that bit for now.  especially since rebecca's physical and energetic health is Really Really good right now.  just bright and shiny and giving thanks.

the pineal gland work - on the other hand - seems more straightforward, so we're going straight forward with it.  clearing up that third eye.

please hold her in your prayers.  may our miracle continue unfolding through the hands of these doctors and nurses and all the everything in these places, and may rebecca remain in touch with the joy of the healing prayer she's living through the whole procedure.

also: solas had his 6 month check-up today.  turns out he's fine.

we give thanks for rebecca's healing
we give thanks for the restoration of rebecca's eyesight
we give thanks for the ongoing health of baby solas
we pray for rebecca to be in radiant health
we pray for rebecca's body to be clear of all tumors

in the nameless Name

in faith,