10/26: Work in Progress


so.  rebecca just went into SF today to get her eyes checked out via ultrasound.

they found no evidence of growths in her retinae!

the doctor said to come back in 6 months!

that's really nice.

now.  what i believe happened is that something was growing there that got expelled/dissolved/welcomed-to-leave by prayer.  that's my belief.  rebecca said that at the end of last week, after the 30 minutes vision blurring episode that i wrote to you all about, she felt another one kind of coming on.  and she relaxed.  and prayed. and breathed into a healing moment.  and the episode stopped.

so.  amazing.  so amazing!  thanks for your prayers, thanks for your faith.

i've uploaded some vids of the little bear in celebration.  enjaw!

diaper changing/wrestling:

leaping with the godmother:

mother and child:

our friend peti sings a blessing:

with gratitude
with love
with faith
with thanks for the gift of life that we travel

in the name of jesus
in the name of the marys
in the name of brigid

with gratitude to the One
we surrender