3/14: The final plunge


this grace
this love
this outpouring of generosity

for all of the joy i took in spirit and community and family up until now
i had apparently not let it all in
because i'm still amazed
shocked and awed
and so humbled by your bright spirits.

so many stepping up in so many ways. prayers and breast milk collection and donations and furniture and a freezer and we healed tides' kidney a couple weeks back.  ridiculous. lovely.

so much love.

i'm writing with gratitude to ask you to hold us in your prayers tomorrow and in the days after.  if it's appropriate to light a candle to hold us in vigil that's very lovely.  we will have a candle in the hospital with us to connect with you outside of its walls.

i'm also writing to let you know that two friends of ours started a fundraising page on our behalf.  they've asked me to post the link to this list and so here it is:  www.youcaring.com/tidewalker

they've worked it out so that large donations can be tax-deductible, and that 100% of all money goes directly to us.

please know that you've given to us, even if you don't have a dollar or a dime.  and that if you do have a donation to make we will stretch those dollars -- hooray for the health care we've received, and there's been literally thousands of dollars of ancillary debt at this point.

...and whatever happens, we'll make it through!  it'll all work out.  obviously.

tomorrow we walk into the hospital as two, and we will eventually emerge (god willing) as three.
blessings to you for your part in that.

in faith,