3/29: The Temple of the Waters

hello all!

brief update:

the tyke continues to be doing fabulous. hoorah! rebecca's health is progressing unevenly but with a steady trajectory upwards. today was harder than yesterday, but overall we're light-years beyond where we were last week. three steps forward, one step back. not bad. not easy.


longer update:

what's coming next is hard to forsee too specifically, but i'm writing tonight to share two intersecting threads that are weaving together.



first of all, there's the incredible generosity people have shown through this site: www.youcaring.com/tidewalker


folks have raised somewhere upwards of $20,000 for us there, and it's donations all over the scale. $20, $500, $2 -- every single one of them perfectly perfect. it's been totally amazing to witness, and we offer gratitude from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have donated or shared that link. please continue passing it around as you are called! in a world that runs on money, these donations will allow our family to stop running for some precious moment in time. for a precious moment in time we can catch rebecca's breath.


...and in that same breath i have to reiterate how glorious it's been to experience the generosity with which people have offered their prayer and their time and their skills. threads of faith, night-watching shifts, acupuncture house-calls, and all the rest. all the rest!




the "second of all" in this case is what we're planning to do in this next phase of healing, what we'll be enabled to do due to the fundraising prowess of you, our community of support and family and love...


rebecca and i for a long time have felt called to live as monastics. to cut away everything in life that distracts from spiritual devotion and immerse ourselves in prayer. to walk a walk devoted to the Holy. to help others who are called to such a path, and to support folks in their times of need and life transitions...to live into some kind of alchemy between the transcendent and the immanent. to be truly here right now, and to cherish the final release into perfect harmony with the Creator that awaits us.


...something like that.


and we've been walking a path of pilgrimage, seeking out what the celtic monastics used to call their "place of resurrection." knowing that we carry our temple within us, and that it is erected every time we pray whether in two's or three's or larger groups. and feeling that a specific place would eventually tell us we have found home.


for now, we're living in our friend's basement (with a view). it's not clear that the next place we land will be our rest-of-life home. but it is clear that in the next place we land we will first-time full-time monastics.


the working title for our monastery has been "the temple of the waters." which waters? the water of the river that never runs dry, the flooding love that jesus baptizes with. the cool touch we feel when engaged in this mighty prayer work, this healing awe that i know we can all feel when we open to Source. this is the well that our temple is devoted to. we will eat and sleep and pray. we will eat and sleep prayer. we will devote ourselves to this prayer that so many are now carrying, and we will see rebecca's body healed.



...i cannot see beyond that healing, cannot fathom what comes after the next step.


but the next step at least is clear.


thank you for making it so.


with love to mary the mother and mary the magdalene,

with love to brigid the well-tender

and in the name of jesus the nazarene:


we offer gratitude for rebecca's continued healing

we pray for her lungs and the rest of her body to be clear of tumors

we pray for perfect eyesight to be restored to her

we offer gratitude for the continued health of baby solas




amen, my brethren, my sisters and brothers and others!


may your thirst in this life be quenched in the next.



in faith,