4/10: Getting your Land Legs Back

hello all --

thanks for becoming who you are.  thanks for the work you did to become the person that you are today, because that person means a lot to me. to us.  that person crafted a path of faith and that faith is what's healing rebecca and allowing our nascent family to continue taking its turn at the joyous fumble that is first-time parenthood.

it's a time to learn new things.  things like: "how many times can we call the pediatrician's urgent-help line before she puts a restraining order on us?"  and "when the baby seems quietly content, should we panic? how much? how long?"

it's a blessed time, and i'm writing to you with mostly good news.  which is nice, to put it mildly.

first, though, the toughest thing is that rebecca's lungs are still having a good deal of trouble.  she still has lobes that don't fully inflate (i just *know* there's a better term for it since it's not a balloon but...), and that's of course where the cancer started and so where most of the work needs to be done right now.  it'll be fine.  and it's improved greatly.  and it's got a ways to go.

beyond that, there have been some tremendous strides made in the last week.  literally.  it was an event last week when rebecca walked upstairs to take a bath.  this week? no big deal.  she does it a couple times a day just to get moving a bit.

she's kinda exhausted afterwards, but she keeps going further with less of a taxing effort.  and it's one of those things where it seems like the progress is linear until it's quantum.  like, in the hospital she'd make very very tiny progress most days.  some days would be none.  and then she could finally use the walker, and from there the rate of movement improvement really increased.

now she can walk without using the walker, which was another quantum leap forward.  there's less prep for a walking excursion, so the walking excursions happen more often, so the walking gets steadier and steadier.

i feel like we're now headed towards the moment where she can move about comfortably, bend over a sink to wash a dish (why am i putting her back to work with her first excursion?!) or open the fridge and squat down to get a plate of food that's been lovingly cooked by one of her friends.  or her doting radicalfeminist husband. who does dishes.

but at that point, most importantly,  rebecca will be able to Dance.  slowly. swaying mostly, but dancing nonetheless, and at that point i think we'll again see all aspects of the healing escalate.  so, God willing, that's coming, and that's very very exciting.  not to count chickens before they're healed, but the progress seems promising.

really, even the obstacles are promising, since they're fairly typical for a caesarian birth.  the obstetrician told us that they wouldn't expect someone to be more than 60% functional until 6 weeks, and 100% at 12 weeks.  it seems like rebecca is on track to be pretty close to hitting those marks.

the walking coincides and reinforces just an overall positive attitude on rebecca's part.  she's self-initiating a lot of her walks and other activities these days, whereas in the first weeks it was really on her care team to talk her into doing the healthy stuff.

she's becoming more and more capable of laying down nearly horizontal.  this is a lung thing.  but you'll see in the latest pics (i'll say more about them later) a shot of all of us laying together in bed.  this was a momentous occasion for us, because it was impossible to do in the time when rebecca needed to keep her body at a 45 degree angle from horizontal to avoid wheezing.  now we can have family cuddle-time, and rebecca and i can sleep together in the nights.  so good for all of us.  it's good to be held.

is awesome.

we've taken some pictures of him, and i've posted them to the picture-filled site: www.youcaring.com/tidewalker

i know the rest of you know how to get there, but a reminder for my mom -- go to the main page, click on "gallery," scroll to the bottom and click on the "show more" button, then scroll to the bottom and do it again.

there's pictures of solas dressed as a tiny green monster.  maybe a space alien from the simpsons?  i'm unclear on the franchise.  and i'm unclear on how we got the tiny outfit and the tiny hat that came with it.  and i'm unclear how anyone could resist dressing their tyke up in such an outfit.  they'd have to be much stronger than i.

anyway, you can see him on that website i linked to, plotting, making threatening gestures at the camera and then taking a well-deserved rest in the arms of his ma and dad.  pretty good day for a tyro tyrant.

may rebecca's lungs and the rest of her body be clear of tumors
may her vision be restored perfectly
we give thanks for the continued health of baby solas

in faith,