4/5: good sunday

two snippets:

* the fine people at st. columba church in oakland have taken rebecca and i in like...well, like the prodigal children we kinda sorta are.  more on them here: www.stcolumba-oak.com...but today at the tail-end of easter mass father aidan called on everyone to raise their hands and pray for our little family.  it was totally unexpected, totally overwhelmingly awesome.  as in "awe" -- as in it was an experience of pure being in that moment, circuits overloaded with joy, feeling the love and the faith of those hundreds of good folks in the glow of the easter moment directing their prayers to rebecca's healing and the resilience of our tiny pilgrim trio.  we were sobbing and holding each other and smiling and healing and there it was.  so many nights of two or three of us praying around rebecca's bed and that's beautiful and then we come to st columba and that was easter service this year.  so much to be grateful for, so many open arms, open hands...it's the very best kind of open-heart surgery we're getting.

* later in the day (so much later that it was night) rebecca was holding a sleeping solas.  i picked him up so that she could do her night tooth-brushing face-scrubbing morphine-taking routine.  solas got slightly jostled in the transfer, and opened one eye a crack to check me out. he ascertained that it was me, closed his eye and went back to sleep in my arms.

i know this next part isn't news to the parents out there, but i just wanna say that the feel of Trust offered by this little one to his dad is something precious and wonder-filled.  something like roller-coaster falling-in-love jitters plus tranquility.  sitting on a shelf of rock watching the waterfall spill overhead and land in front of you, at your feet.  inside of the roar. bathed by the rush...

every eostar blessing to you all!  welcome regeneration, welcome transcendence, welcome eternal life...jesus is risen, hallelujah indeed!

in faith,

may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
may her eyesight be restored perfectly
may solas enjoy ongoing health