5/13: p.(icture)s.

had a little bit more time today and posted some more pics to the youcaring site: www.youcaring.com/HealingRebecca

(which i will transition us off of at some point, but for now it's the only place i have where i can post pictures and people can see them without having to sign up for something...)

((also you might notice we've raised the amount of the fundraiser by a little bit, please ignore that!  you've already given to us so much.  the increase in the donation ceiling is per a request from a friend who is publishing an article about our miraculous-but-kinda-hard situation in the next little bit in an effort to bring in more monetary support...which is so totally hooray!))

okay!  so they're in the gallery and you just have to keep clicking on "see more."  they're all recent shots, and include a pic of rebecca on her first outing to the ocean after giving birth.  the picture of course cannot do the moment justice, but it's nice to look at all the same.

blessings to you all!  your prayers & your faith are what we're leaning on so much these days, thanks and keep it up please, and please continue to feel invited to drop me a line with any moments of prayer that feel particularly potent or lovely or just remarkable.

in faith,