5/13: What's Passed

it's been a bit of a scramble in the last couple weeks y'all, and it seems like the scramble will continue for at least a handful more days, but i did want to let you know the Most Vital Things...

* solas' cough has subsided greatly.  he still coughs some, but he doesn't have the long long wait in between inhales that causes the "whoop" sound of whooping cough.  so, jeepers what a sigh of relief it is to hear him sigh.  you know?  thanks for your prayers.

* part of what knocked out the cough was a course of antibiotics that we did.  it screwed up his digestion for a minute but that seems like it's well on the way to resetting or improving beyond where it was.  it has left in its wake a bit of a diaper rash, something called thrush, that May be fading or May be spreading still.  or both.  a spreading fade.  obviously i'm a little close to objectively evaluate.  but it's not whooping cough so, you know...

* also, he's putting on weight in his head and has a fat little butterball face.  i will try to upload pictures asap.  it's wonderful wonderful stuff.

* here is a link to a video of him that's like 2 minutes of nothing really happening.  but if you want to see what he's like when he first wakes up, there's a lot of limbs being moved and baby grunts.  he looks like a tiny prophet, with tiny flowing robes and a good amount of disgruntled harumphing, as becomes a prophet.  if i had more time, i would put some rabble-rousing preaching as the soundtrack to it, or maybe just "once in a lifetime" by the talking heads.  anyway, i thought it was entrancing!  but i'm the dad so i don't know.  you know.  here: https://youtu.be/tr1mXunr6WE

* tides is doing great still.  the latest progress report is that she's cooking for herself and did her first solo drive with solas yesterday.

THE NEXT SET OF SCANS oh lordy-lord is a week from tomorrow, so we are prayin prayin prayin in the meantime.  and then we'll be taught a lesson in patience because we won't get results until the week afterwards.  terrifying.  exhilarating.

okay i could say so much more and you are so much more to us but there it is.

may rebecca's lungs and the rest of her body be clear of tumors
we give thanks for the restoration of her eyesight
we give thanks for the continued health of baby solas
in jesus' name

in faith,
in love!
-- dave