5/21: Scan Day


* the PET scan and MRI are today.  plz send prayers for rebecca's health and vitality to be bountiful at the end of the day, as she typically does not enjoy being put into plastic tubes for an hour at a time!

* solas is doing well.  9 pounds 14 ounces!  which means he's steady on at 1 oz per day of putting on weight.  very exciting.

* we've got some reinforcements here in the next couple weeks in the form of my ma and our friend lena, in addition to the steady support of our beloved seneca -- also enjoying having brief stopovers from some lovelies.  so that's a sigh of relief (and a snore of sleep) from me.


we'll have the results next wednesday afternoon.  and it seems timely to change the prayer back to its original:

may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
we give thanks for the restoration of her eyesight
we give thanks for the continued health of baby solas


love and love and love

in faith,