5/23: Post-scan Day

thanks to you all for your prayers!

(one day i will post more pictures but wow, looking for a house and applying for things like SSI benefits can really take it out of a fella)

the MRI and PET scan went well.  which is to say that rebecca came out of all of it smiling!  it was a breeze compared to last time, i'm very happy to report.  but importantly, they allowed our beloved friend seneca to accompany her into the MRI tube room this time to hold her while the machine did its *buzz* *snap* "hold still right there hold your breath don't move relax!" thing.

we won't get the results until next wednesday afternoon.  will try to post something asap that night.

solas is doing well.  i'm doing pretty good.  rebecca's got a cough, which is totally boo.  seems like she caught it from someone who was helping us out.  from the midwest.  whose name is my mom.

so, a dark lining to the silver cloud cause having her here for these weeks has been a Ridiculous boost to our overall health.  but if anyone knows a good cough suppresant that doesn't have freakin high fructose corn syrup or honey in it, plz let us know!

and please pray for us to find the right place in santa cruz!  we'll be looking at spots tomorrow thru wednesday.

okay.  but the most important prayers remain:

may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
we give thanks for the restoration of her eyesight
we give thanks for the ongoing health of baby solas

blessings to you all!  so! much! love!

-- the MacAi-Bolgers