5/30: A Temp!e for the Temple of the Waters

what a week!

this news is very very much lower on the scale of importance vs. the update from a couple days ago BUT still is very very nice to have and a huge relief and o thank you for your prayers because the door that opened up for us to slide into santa cruz was very narrow indeed...

which brings us to the punchline: we're moving down to santa cruz! sometime around the 7th or 8th, depending on how packing goes on our end.

the place: is two blocks off the ocean, 100 feet from a beatiful lagoon

the place: is like 800 sf and it'll be me rebecca and solas full-time with our dear friend seneca there part-time as a co-holder of the rhythms of the temple of the waters

the place: has a full-sized fridge and a four-top gas burning stove, a washer/dryer and a bathtub, and a kitchen that is physically distinct from the living room, which means that people can be prepping food while other people are praying and it's not a huge bummer of energetic cacophony.

the place: was made possible by people's donations.  the santa cruz housing market is...competitive would be one word...over-populated would be another....but perhaps "nuts" is most accurate.  and from all the donations people gave to us we were able to pay 6 months of rent in advance, which seems like the thing that put us ahead of the pack.

like, the prayers and the cheers and the joy that you've all written onto our hearts got us to the door, but the landlord needed just one more *oomphf* to get us over the hump.

we are very excited and very thankful.

it feels like this move, moving from a place that's (gorgeous, idyllic, round-in-a-lovely-way, a gift a miracle in itself appearing when we needed it) one room to a place with walls that can aurally and aura-lly separate activities will really take our healing and praying rhythms to the next level.

"next level"?  i don't know. i don't know if anything's higher than our week at the hospital in that vibrant admixture of faith pain and terror, but it feels like the next step. might be up might be down but what a view.



may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
we offer gratitude for the restoration of her eyesight
we offer gratitude for the ongoing health of baby solas

we offer this in faith