6/11: Movement

hello to all of you beings who are so lovely and who have treated us so lovely-ly...

we moved to santa cruz this past weekend, with the help of so many hands.  lena and hollis and isobel and may and seneca and jihan and wren.  you know how people say, "i couldn't have done it without you" but it's just a turn-of-phrase and you know that they are saying, "i'm glad you helped me do what would have been hard for just me to do?"

well, we really couldn't have done it without them.  without you. with that crew helping us pack and caravan and unload and unpack and pray encircled it was like....well, i can't say a well-oiled machine.  it was like a fever dream of rudolf diesel, like the universe unfolding and dancing around a well-defined but hard-to-see center of galaxy.  spit-up and improvved meals and cardboard boxes and so many baby blankets and we still forgot to pack the broom.

but without them, it would have just been a pile of parts on the ground.  rebecca and i taking turns holding the little one and watching the other bear founder in a maze of cardboard, in a flood of clothing and the possessions of the dispossessed, until sleep took us and we eventually just became part of the yurt's furniture.

so, you see, we couldn't have done it without them.

it was (like) an answer to a prayer.
and that was your prayer.
which means, you see, that we couldn't have done it without you.


we are here!  that's always true, i suppose, but our here has changed.  santa cruz, california, is a place where everyone is a surfer or is so sick of surfers and there's not a lot of eye contact going on but the breath of the ocean courses down the streets and the beaches are coated in smiles and jumping hoorays.  it's not a college town, but there's a college.  and there's a lot of people in silicon valley who vacation here and there's a lot of people here who wish that a lot of people in silicon valley would just stay home.  beach-town syndrome.

i saw a plate-frame (you know those plastic things that hold license plates in place? and they normally say, "bill bolger ford" or something on them?) down the street from my house that said "Welcome to California, now Go Home."

...kinda brusque.

but the Other thing that's here is so many people who are co-tending the wild heart fire that warms rebecca and i in this journey and in our journies up until this point.  so much fierce and tender lovely beings here.  i'm sure they'll creep into the narrative soon enough.

and the Other thing is that this place is nestled into the north node of monterey bay in the foothills of the coastal mountain range. a basin of redwoods and glades and waterfalls bearing regal witness to the procession of waves lapping the perfect shores.

so.  we're here.  still amidst unpacking and therefore our house is made of cardboard and i'll-get-to-that. and the little one is starting to sleep more through the nights.  we think.  maybe wishfully...

on that tip, that "little one" tip, he's had a little cough since our run-in with the whoop and it's starting to get maybe a little worse?  but we haven't been sleeping with the humidifier on since the move, so hopefully that'll improve everything 100%.

tides is doing well.  still got her cough but it's getting maybe a good bit better? but energetically she's great.  we're not into our routine yet, but the temple feel is already present just in the house and she walked down the street and touched the ocean today for the first time.  she said it felt ecstatic.  she felt wonderful in my arms when she came home is what i know about that.


as always, more later of course but meantime right now thanks for all you do, all you give.

we have pictures, and we have people coming to help watch the little bean, and so we have a rendezvous with posting those pictures.  It Will Happen.  we've just been full-time on feeding ourselves and the little one.  and doing better at the latter than the former.


but here we are, and here we go, and thanks for your sacred breath.

may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
we offer gratitude for the restoration of her sight
we offer gratitude for the ongoing health of baby solas

in jesus' name
in the arms of mary and mary
in the mantle of brigid

in faith!
-- dave