6/21: Prayer-crastination

things you probably already know:

* when it's a long time between these, it's not that there's nothing to report, it's that there's no time to report it
* i miss you
* your email or snail mail or voicemail or text updates of prayers you're making or thoughts you're having about me/us are always welcome
* sometimes when life and the details of everything get overwhelming and it's just boxes and bottles and bloodshot 2am eyes at 2pm then i rely on you all to be praying for us because i can't do it very good sometimes

things you didn't know, unless you're surprising:

* rebecca has a colposcopy appointment for monday.

what is that?  that's a thing they do as a follow-up to an irregular pap smear to find out if anything's pre-cancerous and to hopefully nip anything untoward in the bud.

so, please send prayers her way for all possible ease and grace of procedure, but most of all for the best thing to happen and for the doctor's hands to be guided by Grace

* rebecca also has a follow-up with our ocular oncologist monday

that's to take another picture of her retinas in order to see where the growths are at, or are not at...obviously there's been huge improvement in her eyes, and the medical folk want to document it and compare to the old pics they took.

the main thing about that appointment is that they flash really bright lights into dilated eyes for about a million years, and then it's sad afterwards.  so, prayers for rebecca's medical resiliency are welcomed on that front.

* solas' cough is Definitely getting better.

thanks for your work on that.

* solas ain't sleeping through the nights

and i love him and if anyone has experience in walking the good road between attachment parenting and "letting the kid cry it out" please let me know.

and if anyone would like to just straight-up talk me out of letting him cry it out, please first make sure that your schedule will allow you to spend your nights with us for the next week or month or so...'cause my status update is that i'm fried and tired, and that's even with a third person here helping us out this week.

* santa cruz means that when i'm broken down hearted i can walk to the ocean and cry on the beach while pods of dolphins leap, just there, just beyond the breakers, like a reminder that life is a dance that there's life upon life being lived out beyond my sight, and right here under my nose that i can't track and you can sit there and you can feel the morning dew soak your butt through your pants while you pray to mary and you can know that it's time for some emergency prayer and you can drive to st. columba's right now and still make the 1030am mass.

may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
we offer gratitude for the restoration of her sight
we offer gratitude for the continued health of baby solas

in jesus' name
in the name of our ancestors
in the direction of the Creator

in faith,