6/22: The Dissolve

wow end of a long day but i couldn't (!) go to bed without telling you all about this thing, because it's news that we heard first but it's really Our news.  like yours. (y)ours.

so they did an ultrasound on rebecca's eyes.  which is...it's so far beyond what i thought people did to eyes that i don't know.  they spread goop directly on her eyeball to make it glide easier, or soomething.  and they gave it eye-novocaine, and they took a bunch of pictures of her retina and it's the same procedure (by the same woman) that happened on february 6th when we were first hurtling to this diagnosis and they couldn't find any evidence of tumors in her eyes.

to repeat: the same office that saw tumors in her eyes four months ago, who told us "these tumors in your eyes, they probably spread from the lungs, you should get a full-body MRI/CAT scan to see if there's something going on" - these people who sent us to our initial ones-of-those because of the tumors they discovered in rebecca's eyes, can no longer see any tumors in her eyes!

God be praised!

the doctor said that this might mean that the tumors are totally gone (!), or it might mean that they've shrunk back enough that the ultrasound cannot detect them and they're lying dormant and could spring back to life given the opportunity.  so we'll do these scans again every couple/three months to make sure the situation is stable.

or, more likely at this point, steadily improving.

all praise to the One!

i believe in our faith, i believe that the diameter of our collective prayer matches that of a mustard seed, and i believe we're gonna do this you all oh my Sweet Lord oh my Sweet you who are midwifing this miracle with us just as sure as those good doctors in the caesarian room midwifed solas into this world.

solas.  wow, you know you guys one day he'll be old enough to understand that this network, this communion of saintlies, gave him his mommy.  and he's gonna cry real hard and then laugh real hard and then i'll tell him it's probably a good time for us to get down on our knees and give thanks to the good people of the mustard seed and pray for the Creator to hold them with sweet grace...

you know that's coming, right?


the Other thing we did today was a bunch of cervical/birth canal swabs to make sure her previous irregular pap was just that. results from that in "a week or two."  thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
we give SO MUCH THANKS for the restoration of her eyesight
we give thanks for the continued health of baby solas

in the name of our ancestors
in the name of the guides you've sent us
in the name of jesus, healer

in faith,