6/23: For Your Viewing Pleasure

this is basically a post-script on the previous couple of emails to say that i *finally* uploaded some new pics and a few videos.

the pics, per usual, are at the youcaring.com/tidewalker site, inconveniently located at the very bottom of the gallery tab. there's pics with solas and gramma bolger, and pics of mother and child, and Much Much More (act now to receive your free somethingorother)...

but it's clearly become time for us to migrate away from that site and create something where i can at least label the pics.  probably a "temple of the waters" home page is in order!  i've done stuff on wordpress before, and i've built stuff with googlesites.  but i've also heard good things about wix.  which is to say -- does anyone out there have recommendations for site-builders that are user-friendly?  and/or does anyone out there have time/skills to help us put together such a thing?

but i digress...

the videos are on youtube, here:

solas yawns -- a brief one, just what it says

solas smiles -- rebecca's masterpiece.  she's been trying to get solas' smiles on film ever since...well, ever since she stopped seeing double.  so he smiles a couple times on this one, which is hurrah, and we thought to share it.  these are increasingly hard to come by, as he is now aware of the camera, and appears skeptical about its presence.

solas flips! -- you'll see...

we are continually blown away by the love and prayer that you send our way.  thanks for all you do!

may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
we offer gratitude for the restoration of her sight
we offer gratitude for the continued health of baby solas

in jesus' name
blessed be!

in faith,
the macai-bolgers