7/02: In Other Words

so, i mentioned last week that we were going in for a follow-up on an abnormal pap test that rebecca had had last fall.

we got the results yesterday in a note from our doctor:

"Hi Rebecca,

It was lovely to meet you and your husband on Monday. I have good news--all the biopsies were completely negative, and the repeat pap smear was also normal. This means you will just need a pap smear with an HPV test in one year. You can have that done at your primary provider or in our clinic. If you'd like an appt with us, please call 415-514-0800.

Enjoy your son!


Dr. Name Withheld
Associate Professor
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
UCSF Dysplasia Clinic"


thank you thank you and Amen and Hallelujah for this grace, You who are All, who breathed That Which Is into existence, whose joyous birth pangs echo still in the mouths of laughing babies of the roiling ocean's embrace of the love-cries that escape from our throats whenever two or three are gathered in Your name


we were also blessed last night with an evening in which two people, then three more people, stopped by our home/monastery as night was coming on, and it was obviously critical mass for a little prayer circle.  it felt gorgeous and lovely, and i noticed that right before i had been thinking "i just don't have time to pray today" but then, when other folks were co-holding it, i suddenly had two hours.

so thanks to you for all you do to make the Temple of the Waters a reality for us, and thanks for being part of our ever-continuing prayer circle.  i know that if i'm exhausted, if i'm tongue-tied, the prayer continues in other words...

may rebecca's body be clear of all tumors
we offer gratitude for the restoration of rebecca's sight
we offer gratitude for the continuing health of baby solas

in faith,