7/06: The Breast You Can Do

hello all --

in our intitial flurry of donations back in march, we received 3000 ounces of milk donations, and that was enough to last us three and a half months!  amazing...and so i'm sharing this with you in case any of you know folks in the general area that are in a place in their lives where they can donate.

thanks for all you do!

in faith...


hello all --


this is a request for breastmilk donations for our 4-month-old, solas. rebecca - his mother and the love of my life - was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in her third trimester, and the treatment that she's taking precludes breast feeding as an option.


please if you can support us in this moment, fill out our google-form (docs.google.com/forms/d/1YiZyZg_CvwqKRuEmOvyj0ymwMPMcmyPiLYsrAVQFzsw/viewform) with your vitals and i'll be in touch soon. or contact me directly at dave@cascadiaengineering.com if filling out a googleform is a barrier for you.


to state the obvious, the need to solicit breastmilk for her child has been an emotional challenge for rebecca, but the literal outpouring of support we've gotten from the breastfeeding community in the area thus far has been a tremendous emotional boost! so many generous moms out there, so many anonymous wonderful folks, so many reasons to give thanks.


on that tip, thanks in advance for forwarding this to your networks in santa cruz (where we're based) and the bay area (where we often go).


...for updates on how the treatment has been working (as well as pictures of mother and child), please go here: www.youcaring.com/tidewalker


...and more in-depth updates are available on our "mustard seed" mailing list, which you can subscribe to by sending an email to themustardseed+subscribe@googlegroups.com


why is it called "the mustard seed"? well, as we've moved through this moment, we've found great solace in the following verse, and we reach out right now to you who are reading this to say that participating in the grand prayer for rebecca's healing is The Most Valuable thing that you can do, whatever your other resources are:


"For truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you." - Matthew 17:20


blessings to you, wherever this may find you.


may rebecca's body be clear of all tumors

we offer gratitude for the restoration of her eyesight

we offer gratitude for the continued health of baby solas



in faith

-- dave macai-bolger