7/24: Yerstory

hi all!

okay, the big next thing is almost upon us.   we go in for rebecca's next set of scans this monday, july 27th, starting at 11am pacific time.

so.  i guess no need for me to spend time telling you why your prayers feel especially potent at this time.

...and we'll get the results at a doctor's visit on the following wednesday, july 29th.  i'll post something to you all that night.

in the meantime, rebecca's continuing to do well in terms of her spirits.  she's having more side-effects from the tarceva like dizziness, thinning hair and a skin rash...but you know, in the grand scheme of things it's nothing that harsh.  right now she's at the beach, solas is sleeping, and i'm here with you.  not a lot to complain about, really...

solas -- he's actually sleeping some.  the main next thing for us is to night-wean him, so he's not getting up for food at 1am and then at 430am.  when i wrote previously about the crying-it-out thing, i think that night weaning is actually what we were needing.

after i wrote that post 100 years ago in june, i did some reading (at rebecca's insistence, it should be said) and it seemed like 3 months was too early to stop the night feeds...but he'll be 19 weeks this sunday so i think we'll start.  exciting times.  it also seems like he's cueing us that he doesn't need them as much --  he used to knock down 4 or 5 ounces of milk each time, now it's more like 3, and in the last couple of nights that he woke in the night, he fell back asleep before i could warm up the milk.  those all seem like encouraging signs.  plus he's got plenty of delightful roundness to him. so there's that.

for me, i'm starting to get back into the work flow, which is scary/exciting.  so grateful to all of the support we've gotten in being able to take these first 4 months and focus on family stuff. hopefully we start getting into a rhythm that includes food sleep and love in abundance. 

enough about us, what about YERSTORY?

rebecca had been keeping a birth journal last fall and winter, with the intention of giving it to solas when he's older so he can know the story of his birth.  and then she stopped keeping it when it seemed like she could only report on the bleakness of the situation.

and then we've had all of these Incredible things happen, and we've had our family held by our broader Family in such an unexpected and wonder-filled way.  thanks for being part of that.  and we wanted to create a birth book for solas that includes your stories, your version of this history, Yerstory.

so if you're called to write something down about your experience of This experience, whether it's around the birth, around how you marshalled prayers into the service of this crowd-sourced faith, around how you wrangled breast milk or cancelled a trip in order to come be at rebecca's bedside in the hospital or brought food to the people that were or anything anything.  we just know there's hundreds of really captivating stories out there, and we'd love to be able to read 'em and share 'em with solas when he's old enough.

...well, i guess they've already been shared with him.  but the words will remind him...

and if you're not a writer but a talker, let me know and we can interview you!  it's an area we want to build skill in for future projects.

we are also nurturing the fantasy that maybe the record of this experience could prove useful to others who find their backs up against the wall, others who need help finding their way through...and i enjoy creating these word collages...so we're heading towards publishing something like a compilation/refinement/enhancement of these mustard seed posts, and thought maybe it'd work to use some yerstory segments in that as well, to fill out the perspective.

no promises.  obviously.  but we just got our first rejection letter from an agent in new york, so you know the journey's officially started!

on that tip, if anyone has contacts in the publishing world or advice, that would be quite helpful at this moment!

blessings and love to you for all that you hold, all that you give.

may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
we offer gratitude for the restoration of her eyesight
we offer gratitude for the continued health of baby solas

in the name of jesus
in the arms of mary
under the mantle of brigid

in faith...