7/29: Progress Report

<who's gonna read a salutation in a note like this, anyway?>

the string of good news continues!

our oncologist says that nothing's getting bigger, some things have shrunk, and some have disappeared.  basically the same as last time, but he said one gets the biggest Bang for the buck in the early stages of taking tarceva, so it's not as dramatic this time.

but here's where we're at:  very very small tumors remain in the liver.  nothing on the adrenals or spleen. no swelling in the lymph system.

there remain tumors throughout the lungs and on her bones, pretty much the same as they saw on the last scan.

additionally, the MRI of her head confirmed what we'd heard before, which is that there's no evidence of tumors remaining in her eyes -- and that's something our doctor said he's *never seen before!*

("With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." - matthew 19:26)

so, we're continuing to head in the right direction here, praise God!  this feels so good!  thanks so much for what you are, what you believe, what you've done to cultivate a relationship with prayer, and how you've lended that to our humble cause.

what this feels like right now is it's time to take it to the next level in terms of what we're doing here.  first of all, the new little one is starting to sleep more and more of the night, which means i need to take fewer and fewer naps, which means rebecca can get more and more sleep.  which is huge.

stumbling through one's days bleary-eyed and confused is no way to mount a major health campaign, but you go into these things with the energy you have, not the energy you want (i'll write you a poem on a topic of your choice if you know who i'm paraphrasing there).

but as we get our feet underneath us in santa cruz and into some kinda waking/sleeping rhythm, we're going to start incorporating cleansing fasts to boost her immune system, alongside the continuation of the filtered water, mushroom tea, live sprouts, prayer and visualization.  and laughing a Lot. and exploding hearts with baby love.  all the things, 'cause i feel like it's time for all that to become more robust, to dissolve these tumors and send them (with all possible Love) back to our shared Creator.

...cause up til now it's been kind of a struggle just to keep our heads above water.  and if she's gotten This Much Better while we're flailing, well...imagine what effect this mustard seed of faith can have on a human's system that's moving more into alignment with the healing process?

because here's the thing, the punchline, the reward for making it through my prose.  i asked the doctor today where we're at, in terms of the initial diagnosis.  if we think about the largest amount of cancerous tumors occurring in march, what percentage are we at right now?

and he said we probably have 10 to 15 percent of the tumor mass that we had then.

which is like whoa.


which is celebration and fireworks in the sky waking children up from dreamy slumber into their parents' welcoming arms to join in the dance the all night prayer vigil of thanks because c'mon that's brilliant, that's a miracle, let's get lively...

aaaaaaaaaaaand it just always seems in things like this that the last 10% is a slog, right?  so we want to turn it up.  maybe the pills have done what they can to eliminate and now they're mostly holding it at bay and it's up to you and i and the faith we can conjure to get rebecca all the way to all the way clear.

maybe.  i don't know how it all works but i'm just glad to be in it with you.

if you're a visualization kinda person, it seems that the biggest remaining tumor is the grandmother tumor, the one they think was the original site for the metastases.  it's on the top of the left lobe of her lung and it is now 1.4 x 2.0 cm.  at our scan in may it was 1.5 x 2.0 cm.  let's get that gone, distance healers!

for the rest of us:

may rebecca's body be clear of tumors
we offer gratitude for the restoration of her eyesight
we offer gratitude for the continued health of baby solas

in the name of jesus
in the arms of mary
in the mantle of brigid

in faith,