8/31: Daily Devotion

we wake up in the morning.


well, he wakes up and then i wake up and then rebecca keeps on a-sleeping. and i scoop him out of his little bed-with-a-fence and we trundle to the living room. he has his breakfast of donated breast milk - the gift of life offered freely by a mothers overflowing with an abundance of love, mothers who have stepped into the role of universal nurturer, the archetype of the Goddess. i have my breakfast, some eggs.


he's done, he's ready for the day or at least the carpet. i put him on the carpet. he looks around, takes in the scene, and starts his morning calisthenics. there's bicycling (like a spin class taken on your back), followed by head lifts, followed by leg lifts. but that's just the warm up. it's followed by a tumbling routine that transitions into what can only be described as a heroic session of the yoga cobra pose.


...which is my cue to start in on my daily yoga. the terms are from sanskrit, and since they might not be familiar to everyone reading named my mom i will offer a quick guide to the lingo:


item #1: "asana" means "pose"


that's all i got...


i begin my practice with leansidewaysasana, hoping that the pain i feel in my low back is Productive. then there's layonmybackasana, with a twist. literally, i twist while laying on my back. finally, there's sitonmyassana, which involves watching solas watch me watch my feet.


eventually he gets tired of me, and tired of cobra pose and begins yelling at the rug. i pick him up and set him on the futon, but he yells at the ceiling. then i take him onto our porch and he yells at the outside. then i put him on my shoulder and he yells at me.


finally, i give him a little stuffed rabbit friend and he maws the ears. ah, what a beautiful morning!




here's video corroboration: youtu.be/mJ40HKA8ws8




...and there's a handful of new pictures here: www.youcaring.com/tidewalker


we are almost at the point of being able to direct you to a website that's not an ancient fundraiser in order to look at pics. but not quite there yet. and in the meantime, the picture gallery at youcaring has become much more user-friendly....i may have mentioned that last time already. it's still true. if it was then.



here's another video of solas doing more proto-crawling: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcDdPuogMA8




beyond all that, things continue to roll well. i'm contemplating the ways in which our lives are bookended by miracles. starting with birth, the animation of what was inert - the planting of the gift of breath - the passing along from mother to child a heartbeat....and then ending in death! how glorious! the rejoining of us into Source, in perfection. the falling away of all illusory boundaries we've held onto in our life that make our separation from God seem so real. joining the choir who's composing all the vibrations of the building blocks of the universe, taking our place in the easy harmony carried along by the waves we made in this life with the songs we sang and the dreams we walked and the pain we wept.


that these things are commonplace in no way detracts from their miracle-ness.


...and yet i want more. most of us do, at one time or another. and what a merciful Creator, what a fabulously attentive Divine Lover we have that gives so much and does not say "that's enough," who still leaves Their fingerprints all over our paths, and asks us to ask Them for what we need.


i pray for the mercy of rebecca's unfolding miracle, and i pray to always sing praises for the miracles i am already enfolded in.



may rebecca's lungs be restored to perfect health
we offer gratitude for the restoration of her eyesight
we offer gratitude for the continued health of baby solas


in the name of Love



in faith...