another round

rebecca tolerated her first round of chemo real well.  hardly any side effects apart from nausea and sleeplessness.

she has her second round of chemo tomorrow (tues may 17th).  please keep her in your prayers for the day.  and if you light a candle for her, send a picture of it to  we'll watch the candle slideshow when she gets home.

rebecca's also having an MRI in the morning because she had a recurrence of a symptom in her right eye last week, and some head cramping -- both of which were things that occurred last fall that turned out to be symptoms of tumor growth in her brain.

so there's a way in which we're nervous.  and a way in which, as our friend lena said, it's important to allow for things to be different this time.

...this path has never been particularly easy but it's never been anything short of glorious, either.  and here comes the next step.  once again!  once again the sun will rise in the morning as a testament to the grace of the Creator towards a humble, weirdly arrogant, staggeringly graceful race of thoughtful upright-walking chimps and the planet we call home.  for now.

for now!  that feels like it could be our motto.  a kinda buddhist now-is-all-there-is married with a ferociously urgent battle cry energy.

"battle.  cry."  the cycle of (some) lives.  maybe that could be an alternative motto...

guys, you can probably tell i'm a little fried right now.  i'm scared like solas in a thunderstorm and it's lovely to be able to reach out like this and have my/our hearts held by you.  thanks for being there through so much on this journey.

...a friend of ours wanted to create an audio-document of our journey thus far, and he has a radio show and his name is baruch and he's Wonderful.  here's a link to it -- tides was sleeping when we talked so it's mostly just me, rambling.  like a spoken-word version of these updates.  does that sound good?  check it out:

...and seneca-the-godmother is taking tides to chemo and the MRI tomorrow but maybe the best thing she's done ever is that she brought her dog with her when she watched solas the last time and the pictures look like this:

and this:

and here's him wondering if you're done with that:

all the fear and all the love and that's what life Is until the final punchline so i guess it's no surprise but here i am just going ahead and feeling it anyway.


sweet Creator
every life begins in a miracle
every life ends in triumph
thank you

we offer thanks for the restoration of rebecca's eyesight
and the ongoing health of baby solas
we offer gratitude that the gray days bring the water the land thirsts for
we offer gratitude for a smile and a laugh and the sparkle of love in confusing times

we pray for rebecca's body to be clear of all tumors
we pray for the best possible outcome from all her treatments
we pray for guidance in midwifing this miracle
we know You can heal her, sweet One
we pray that you may

in the name of jesus, healer and teacher
in the name of mary, of lourdes of fatima of medjugorje of nazareth
in the name of mary, of magdala
in the name of brigid, of erin

to the One
with gratitude
we surrender
in faith