back in the SC ER

blessings and so much love to you, faith-filled mustard seed tenders.  on wednesday night, after we got the latest undesired news from our oncologist, when both of us feared a long and sleepless night, we both slept like babies.  rebecca said she had a thought in her mind to be scared, but that she felt the prayers of everyone for her physically relaxing her.

so thank you for that, my dears!

since then rebecca's been having a pretty rough time.  she's been nauseous, not able to hold down simple foods or water, and with a lot of pain in her body.  she has said that she noticed her breathing improving, though, so there's a real hope that the tarceva is kicking in.

but beyond that, the pain and the nausea were too much for us to manage here at home, so she and our friend-slash-chaplain chuck just went to the santa cruz ER to see if they could manage her pain to the point where she's nice and stable and she can come back home and work on her healing path from here.

so.  that's the hope, that's the update.  wanted to keep you all in the loop and ask for and thank you for your continuing prayers.

here again i share something that's been good to me in this time, in case it ends up being useful for you too:

blessings and love to you,


sweet Creator
with gratitude
we surrender
in faith