in celebration and mourning

there will be a memorial service for our beloved rebecca tidewalker on saturday, august 27th from 100pm-530pm at the pacific cultural center (1307 seabright avenue) in santa cruz.

all are welcome.

please feel invited but not required to bring items for the altar, pictures of rebecca or water that is sacred to you.

(and there's an event before and after this one, so in an effort to make clean-up quicker, please don't bring food.  some snacks will be provided.)

later that night will be a bonfire for those called to continue sharing story and song.  and the event that follows ours in the space is an ecstatic dance, if people are called to stay for that instead.  or you can just eat dinner and go to bed early, in honor of rebecca's favorite thing to do on a saturday night.

what a life she had, you guys!  what an extraordinary life...

this is a picture that her dear one seneca took when they were traveling in scotland on an ancestral reconnection journey.

with love,

sweet Creator
with gratitude
we surrender
in faith