eternal life

this morning at about a quarter to eight at dominican hospital in santa cruz, surrounded by friends and without pain, our beloved rebecca tidewalker's spirit left her body.

she spent these last days surrounded by dear friends, loved ones and her blood family.  our friend amara cuddled with her last night and said that rebecca kept waking up and just saying one word: "wow."  as if she could see where she was headed.

and we know very little in this life, but we do know where rebecca was headed - where she is now.

pray for her soul's safe journey into the next world
pray for yourself and the rest of her community, that we might find good grief
pray to the water that you drink, that you might taste her love of the waters in it

blessings, love and solidarity to you on this, rebecca's second birthday.


in faith,

PS -- if you can help with death and living expenses in this time, we welcome that:

PPS - here are some people singing of rivers that never run dry.  it's a song that's helped me these last 24 hours.


there will be a viewing/wake for her at a funeral home at 1050 cayuga ave in santa cruz from 3-9pm on friday, august 12th.

we will do a memorial service for her in a couple weeks that will involve scattering a portion of her ashes -- i'll keep you posted on that when i know what's what.

sweet Creator
with gratitude
we surrender
in faith