exam season

we got the results back from last week's MRI.  they said that there was no evidence of growths in rebecca's brain.  which is !

but the part which is ? is that they thought maybe they saw growths on her top vertebrae.  it wasn't totally clear what's going on with that, so the doctorpeople ordered a spinal MRI for today.  that'll be at 430pm california time.  and then at the end of this week (friday) she's getting a PET scan to see how the chemo's doing.  and we'll get results from that next monday.

overall rebecca's still doing well.  had a nerve pain in her right shoulder which was again reminiscent of when things went downhill last fall.  and she's tuckered out from the first week chemo, but she's still very bright and positive and enjoying every day and every moment she gets with the little guy.

in that spirit, i've uploaded some solas vids that have brought us smiles and laughter.  he's walking like a tiny little champion of walking (i've notified the IOC already, don't fret), and he's dancing a good little bit.  it's hard to get the dancing on tape because mostly when he sees the camera he stops and looks at it.

okay so here's a vid of him dancing, with the encouragement, leadership and guidance of his nuncle brunem:

and here's one of him dancing with daddy:

and here's him walking.  with a hat that he discovered and a look he kinda made his own:

and here's a reprise of the buckethead persona...

if you can't stream vids on your connection, or if you want a file that you can use as your facebook profile to show your solidarity with little people walking around with buckets on their heads, or if you're easily frightened but enjoy being frightened anyway, then here:

(...and either all or virtually all of the music playing in the background on those videos is from the soundtrack to the movie "sing street" which is a lovely little film about dublin teens in the 80s trying to make a band happen and being confused about everything important and it's got a tender heart so unless you're already dead inside go see it because we [tides and i] need more movies like that in the world to escape into and be renewed by...)

in closing, my friends, i'm nervous and we're all a little nervous and we could all use some good news.  and joy is so important all the time and especially in these times.  so watch the videos and laugh, either at the videos or the bonkers first-time-parent syndrome i have that presumes that this kid's subtle antics would make you laugh...

all the praise
all the desires
all the hope for a mother to watch her son grow old

with gratitude
we surrender
in faith