first steps, next steps

okay the first-of-all is that rebecca has a set of scans coming up this week.  she'll be getting a PET scan and an MRI this thursday morning, and we'll get the results the following tuesday (april 12th).  so obviously and please keep us in your prayers all the time forever but especially the now part of forever.


first-of-all-point-five = we are headed back down to see john of god in june, june 4th thru the 19th.  and by "we" i mean rebecca and seneca will be making the physical journey, while the rest of us (like me and you) pray from afar.  so that's coming.

the second-of-all is that i thought there's only a small percentage of y'all that have had a chance to hang out with solas, and so i just posted a video that's the closest thing to hanging out with solas that i can imagine capturing on film.  and i suppose i Am imagining things if i think there was any film involved in the process, here in 2016.  but anyway, the vid is below.  it has no plot, and i love him too much to know if it's boring.  don't tell me!  just feel free to close it in the middle if you'd like.

(and sometimes watching youtube vids not-on-youtube is The Worst, so here's the direct link if ye prefer:

...watching the vid i was struck by how much it looks like someone trying to follow a person through a riot.  and how being with solas is a riot, one way or another, all the time...

thirds-of-all: rebecca's health continues to be on the steady improvement.  today she went for a walk with solas and some friends in the redwoods on the outskirts of santa cruz.   pretty rad.  a few days back she went to the pool and had a good ol' splasharound.  she's eating and she's sleeping (mostly) thru the nights.  also, she had a dream the other night where she realized that she didn't have cancer any more.

dreams are lots of different things lots of different times.  and we're praying for the best. of course.

forthwithall: i got a cold/blah/winter-spring-bug like 6 weeks ago and it seems like maybe my body's all the way recovered nearly almost totally.  part of the reason it's taken 6 weeks to get right is how poorly i've managed the almostreallynearly phase when it's come up the last 3 times.  so, hopefully i'll take it easy enough that this thing will leave.  stay tuned!  the riveting story of a 40-year-old with a cold is sure to continue in our next installment...

okay so that's it for us.  just wanted to say why it's been maybe a little slow around here.  i've been crazy tired.  maybe weary.  and there's been no catastrophe to speak of.  aside from the slow-motion horror of watching solas grow from a baby to a little kid.  he's now officially taken his first step.  and a couple times he's put something like three steps together at once...pretty much always three steps, actually, and pretty much always he looks like a drunken sailor still getting his land legs, and pretty much always he collapses right on his padded bum after the third step.

oh, and he's in a "let me hand you this..." phase: well as a dancing to music phase.

doing this whole journey with cancer and a baby is so hard, really, and it'd be so much harder if we didn't have the baby.


so!  that all being said, we love you!  we hope you're well!  blessings to you in this time of the earth's quickening, from spring to summer from darkness to light.


dear sweet Creator
thank you for this life
thank you for this love
love like a cloth we are cut from
love like a cloth that is ever whole
love that we come from in this incarnation
love that we return to in perfection

we give thanks for the healing of rebecca
we give thanks for the restoration of her eyesight
we give thanks for the ongoing miracle of her bright spirit

we give thanks for the continued health of baby solas

we pray for rebecca to be healed, to be in vibrant health
we pray for the best possible outcomes from her treatments
we pray for rebecca's body to be clear of all tumors

we pray for grace and health to be with her support team

we pray this in the name of jesus, the risen one!
who came back to his friends after piercing the illusion of death
jesus the healer who walked the roads of this world offering comfort and challenge
here there are two or three gathered in your name
be with us
have mercy
heal our dear rebecca

we pray this in the name of mary the mother
blue lady
birther of god
worker of miracles for her children all throughout this green earth
who calls us to faith and devotion
who blesses with water and light

we pray this in the name of mary the magdelene
calling out to us through history
witness and teacher and keeper of wisdom
all-human, as we are all-too-human
loyal to her beloved to the end in the face of certain persecution
guide our listening
strengthen our ears
strengthen our hearts

we pray in the name of brigid
goddess of the celts
midwife of the christ
mary of the gaels
tender of flame and well
fire-in-the-head may you inspire our healing walk
may you quench our thirst with holy water

we pray
we pray
we pray that our prayers be heard by the One
the Destination of all these tangled roads
You whose name is unnameable and perfect
and merely echoed in our finest poetry

to You
we surrender
in faith