holding my breath

hiya lovelies --

tides and seneca got back into town last tuesday, safe and sound, and tides had her first opdivo infusion on wednesday.  it went well, and apparently opdivo takes a little longer to kick in, so the next set of scans are on august 16th (we get results on the 17th).  in between now and then she'll get opdivo infusions every two weeks or so.  it's very similar to chemotherapy, you hang out with a drip bag on a chair that has an automated massage function.  not too shabby...

here's a pic of sen and rebecca for your viewing pleasure because they were just aglow down there...


rebecca glow status as of july 1st: still glowing

rebecca glow status as of july 1st: still glowing

and solas is great great great.  he's the jibber-jabber king of america and he's starting to Run.  which is amazing.

and i'm a little wilted but basically good -- i think.  last spring i hauled myself before a doctoral person and got diagnosed (via ultrasound) with a minor hernia.  just today it started feeling slightly more than minor.  so i'm hoping that it's mostly stress aggravating it, and that the morning will be sunshiney and pain-free.  but keep me in your prayers please just in case.  it's not really my *role* to conk out, but that might be coming?  we'll see.

blessings to you and So Much Love -- iridaea

sweet Creator
to you we give praise for Every Thing
the ups and downs and the ride

we humbly pray for rebecca's body to be clear of all tumors
and we thank you for healing her

in gratitude
we surrender
in faith