Houston, we have a visa...

okay wow.  so the plan had been to fly to brazil this upcoming sunday.  and i made an appointment with the brazilian consulate for friday (today).  and then our friend lee said, "hey i think the SF consulate takes a week to process visas."  and it turns out that friend lee was correct and i hadn't read the website thoroughly enough.

so then, panic, and then our friend andrea who's brazilian says "call this person they can help" and her person told me about aNother person and That person hooked me up with a New Crew of people based in Houston who could make it happen by the end of the week they thought.

one catch: maybe rebecca and i need to fly to houston to do it.  well, fine we'll just reschedule the flights actually that'll cost $350 per ticket just as a cancellation fee and then the fares skyrocket around christmas so it's maybe $3000 more to switch i'll fly to houston.  do we have friends in houston? we have friends with family in houston eva's mom will put us up we get a call back from the New Crew that if i have a marriage certificate i can pick up both tickets and she can stay home and sleep and sleep and sleep i have a marriage certificate i'm flying to houston.

i'm in houston.

i'm at the consulate.

i have our visas.

we're going to brazil. sunday!

this journey is now a quest and this quest is fueled by your care and your generosity and your prayers.  the doors just keep opening and all we have to do is walk thru them.  amen and hallelujah and thanks.


and we're going to see this john of god person, this medium joao. and we have faith that the One acts through him, and has now for decades.  i included one story in my last post, and here's a note that our friend andrea (same one that hooked us up with the visa expediters) wrote at the end of her first trip to see him.  it was written at an internet cafe down there, and we've decided to leave it with spelling errors and all, to treat it like what it is, an artifact from the past.  a post that's a sign pointing the way for us, a sign-post.

so, here she is:

Hi my dear friends,

I would like to thank you for all the nice emails that Ive received since Ive arrived in Brazil. I miss you all very much and think of you often.

Right now Im in Abadiania, a small town near Brazilia. It is a place of high energetic powers, considered to be one of the chakras of the planet. John of God, a spiritual healer, who Ive heard had cured millions of people's lives and works here.

When I first arrived I considered myself a person of faith, but in few days I realized that my skeptical self was still very strong. I started visiting the Casa (the center where he works), and feel the beautiful energy there. We prayed and sang, to Jesus and Mary and to the healing spirits who works in there.

My heart was filled with love watching the people been cared for, and never charged a cent.
As the days went by, I started meeting and talking to people. Again the stories of how they got sick and their own journeys into the hospitals. Ive met man who was given a month to live, and now fourteen years later been treated by the Casa has been cured from cancer, osteoporosis and liver disease. I met another man who used to be blind and now can see, a man who spent nine years in a wheel chair and could only blink the eyes, now three years later after starting the treatment here, he can run like a child.

You know I could go on and on about the stories, but it might be too strong for some to hear. It was strong for me too, at first I felt like I had been cheated, was upset at the way Ive lived my life up to now, believing so strongly that I knew what was real or false, right or wrong, possible or impossible. Was resistant to this new way of seeing, not so sure of why, it might be from fear, attachment or just from realizing my lack of control.

This place brought me more healing than I could ever dream of. It has opened my eyes and my heart to a new perspective of life.It brings tears to my eyes just talking about it.

People come here from all walks of life, different countries, different religions and faiths. I had become sort of a translator here, a bridge for communications, and is something that has given me a lot of pleasure. Ive learned a little of Polish, German, French and you name it, they are here. Not only the sick comes, doctors from different universities of the world come too. They want to see what this man does and learn from him. He is very generous and before any physical surgery he invites the doctors to watch and teaches them what he is doing. The patient doesn't receive any form of anesthesia, and still feels no pain, nor at the time or after. Ive met and saw the operation of a man who has cervical cancer, at the next day he was walking around town, like nothing had happened. But something did happened, and his eyes were shinning like the stars, of happiness. There was so much light coming from this man that I could only think that he was an angel. Most of the surgeries are done only at the energetic level but in some cases the patient asks for a physical.

I feel very grateful to know English and been of help to so many. I also feel grateful for my injury, because I don't know if I would be here if it hadn't happened.

Tonight Im going back to Sao Paulo, a much different person than two weeks ago. I will miss this place but in my heart I know I will always carry this experience with me and one day I will come back, hopefully in health to assist others.

May you be blessed in Love,



there was also an oprah special on him that i've heard is lovely but haven't watched myself.

and some words about a couple of the people to whom we've been praying to so ferociously:

* the national geographic just did an article mary the mother's healing works in our times
* and here's some thoughts from jesus on how to tell if someone is genuine, for obviously we all know there are charlatans out there preying on the faithful

so, keep up your faithful prayers!  he receives the public on wednesdays, thursdays and fridays, so especially on those days in these next couple weeks i ask you can join in this prayer for rebecca's healing to come thru the vessel of john of god.

we have such extraordinary friends.  you're one of them, after all.  and another one is a minister named essyan who put out a call to people last week to set aside five minutes every day starting at 10am (california time) to pray with, and offer strength to, rebecca and the core of people who are supporting her.

i've noticed when i participate in the prayers at this time, i have a sense of being in a sacred hall with the prayers reverberating and bouncing off the walls.  it's a beautiful joining, and you're invited to join in, if you're called. or if you're not, really...

i wouldn't ask you to go through an entire update from us without a picture.  so here's one from last weekend.  we were blessed to be hosted by a native american energetic herbal healer, and this is a shot from the side of the road.  we stopped because Someone had a poopy diaper.  i'm not gonna name names...

(i can't tell if it's an honor or an irritation to share more specifics on our healer, but i'll find out and either tell you more or not.  you know how complicated all this stuff can get with the healing and the celebrity and the whiteness and the genocide...)

and here's a pic of solas on that trip, taking a walk with our friend, chaplain and fellow bear, chuck:



last tuesday marked the last of rebecca's radiation.  we met with our doctor.  before asking about rebecca's symptoms she said to expect the full results of the radiation to be more apparent a few months from now.  and then rebecca said how much her symptoms have improved, and mentioned that she'd had equilibrium problems for about two months now that are really clearly going away.

the doctor is a very plainspoken sort, not one to jump up and down. but i saw a glint of triumph in her eyes as she took a breath and said, "that's...just about the best possible result we could ever have hoped for."

blessed be!

thankyouthankyouthankyou soooooooo much for being there.  your prayers, your faith -- they open doors, they are wings for people to fly with.  they are moving mountains.

sweet sweet Creator!
we give you thanks!
we give thanks for the gift of Life
we give thanks for the gift of Death
which is only our perfect reconnection with You
we give thanks for the gift of healing
which is only Your fingerprints lingering over Your creation
we give thanks for all the elements that support life
we give thanks for all the love and community that support our lives
we give thanks for the doors of our journey being opened

we give thanks for the healing of rebecca
we give thanks for the ongoing health of baby solas
we pray for rebecca's body to be clear of all tumors
we pray for rebecca's healing
we pray for grace for all of rebecca's support team

we ask this in the name of jesus, healer and radical preacher
we ask this in the name of mary, mother of miracles
we ask this in the name of mary, beloved companion and faith walker
we ask this in the name of brigid, beloved protector of the celts

we ask this of the First
to whom
with gratitude
we surrender
in faith

Thy will be done