in brazil

this is what rebecca looks like in brazil

photo by Seneca

photo by Seneca

i'm doing my best possible impression of a single parent right now so this is utterly brief.  but i wanted to let everyone know that i've skyped with rebecca and seneca, and that rebecca is doing Awesome.  her face is basically a smile with eyes.  and she said she's been able to feel her body healing at different times.

seneca for her part has said that the trip has been extremely transformative as well.  something about the healing and the spiritual focus of that place.  i remember...

...and i keep forgetting to mention that seneca's a rad bodywork pioneer, and you should maybe take a peek at her website (especially if you live in the bay, or own a phone with which you can speak to seneca as she continues her bay area life)...

so, that was the primary reason for this post: to let you all know that rebecca's feeling your prayers, that they're opening up healing in her body, and that the girl is Glowing right now.

that being said, i can't leave you right now without acknowledging the slaughter in orlando.  and it's important to pray right now for the souls of the people who died, and for their friends and family, and for our broader queer community who might be feeling the prickle of fear on their necks even thousands of miles away.  and knowing you you're probably already doing that.

...knowing you like i do, you've probably already donated to support the local community in their grief -- but if you haven't, this is the local LGBTQ center fundraiser.  it's grassroots, and your dollars go far in an organization like that.  they're getting money to the families of victims for grief support and beyond.

and beyond that, i just think it's so important to say that the roots of this horrific act seem to be rooted in self-loathing on the part of the shooter.  he pledged allegiance to ISIS, yes, but he was queer, and he attacked his own.  he was queer and he lived in a world that told him that to be gay was less-than, was deviant, was dangerous-in-bathrooms, was a sin.  told him that he needed to bury those impulses.

and it's true that he's responsible for his actions.  100%.  and it's also true that every anti-gay law, rally and side-comment helped to ensure that he was emotionally isolated.  beyond that, it's true that every time you reach out across Whatever divide to love others as you would like to be loved, you make a difference.

maybe this person was only one set of loving arms away from a breakdown, a breakthrough, weeping onto his father's shoulder and saying, "i didn't think you'd ever understand."  maybe 100,000 hugs wouldn't have mattered.  but for someone else it could.

maybe you can be that someone else's shoulder.  you've got good shoulders there, friend.

Lord knows i've cried on them enough.


sweet Creator
we give thanks
always and everywhere
for this gift of life
for the gifts of creation
for the gift of love
for the gift of our final return to you
when the breath of life leaves us
we give thanks

we pray in this moment for the fifty people shot and killed in orlando
we pray for their souls to rejoin the One in perfect harmony
as they shake off the glorious bodies they wore in this life
to wake up shining as the sun in the next

we pray for the families of those who died
we pray for those who were injured, and their families
and their physical and emotional wounds
may they be healed
may grace be upon them in these next steps in their journey
may they find good grief
tears like a nourishing rainfall
coaxing a river to bring fertile silt to its banks

we give thanks for the miracle of healing
for the beauty of a sunrise that refuses to be dimmed by tragedy

we pray for all of us in our grief and our fear
may we be held
we pray for all of us to be radiant health
may we be healed
we pray to be loving beyond all reasoning
we pray to be held in all of our fear

we especially in this time
as ever
hold rebecca up for healing
may her body be clear of all tumors
may she be in radiant health

with gratitude
we surrender
in faith