if things continue to head in the direction they're heading, we will be bidding farewell to rebecca in the semi-near future.

her every breath takes a lot of work, and her pain is very hard to manage.

every night before i go to bed, i pray for a miracle - every morning when i open the door to her hospital room i think, "maybe this is the moment.  maybe now she's perfectly healthy."

and so that prayer continues.

and also there's a mercy in her pain ending, of her entering a world and a life beyond suffering.  that's the most important miracle.  that's the only promise we're made at birth.

rebecca danced in and out of this threshold last winter, and she wrote out her thoughts on it.  here's the link to that if you'd like to revisit her words:

and in this time, my request of folks is to think of a moment that you shared with rebecca that brought you joy or happiness, and put it in the comments below this post.  that way i can access them all in one place and read them aloud to her in her room.  i think she might like that.

also, if you have the ability to contribute financially, that is something that would be mightily helpful in this time:

...the picture's not up to date, nor is the story.  just for the record, if you share with others.

and if you can't contribute financially, know that you're perfect, and that your support is already perfect.

but the *most* important thing anyone can do right now is offer prayers.  prayers for guidance on this path, prayers for rebecca to know how to be in this moment.  prayers for grace for her and her tenders and the people tending her tenders and the people tending solas.

our community here has been absolutely unbelievable in terms of offering support with watching solas and tending rebecca and just please know if you can't be here that you're well-represented.

i'm tired and spacey and not giving this the touch it may need.  i hope you're well, and well-held.


blessings to you,

sweet Creator
with gratitude
we surrender
in faith