new moan? yeah...

the news in brief...

* about a week and a half ago, on fri the 22nd, tides was having trouble breathing and we went to the local ER and they said she has a new moan, that she has pneumonia.

* we were relieved because that's something at least that's obviously treatable and at least it wasn't a pulmonary embolism because what is that anyway and it's too many syllables to be good

* also, lung cancer

* and she's been breathing better but definitely has been Laid Flat

* so i'm kinda tending her and solas

* so i'm kinda longing to lay flat

* but be able to get up when i want

* it's been the first time i think that our spirits have really dipped -- she's frustrated and i am just a mess

* but it's been on an uphill trajectory

* but this morning she woke up seeing double

* it's not going away

* so we're marching uphill again

* an MRI is scheduled for her brain today

(* how many times have we put you through this?)

* i'll let you know what we know when we know it

* here's a picture of rebecca with solas because everyday there's laughter and joy in this temple and you need to know about that too

photo credit: brunem

photo credit: brunem

here's all of us.  this is the day before we found out about new-moan-yeah

photo (and smiling family) credit: also brunem

photo (and smiling family) credit: also brunem

here's a little game called "is there something odd about this picture?"

photo (and baby watching) credit: natasha

photo (and baby watching) credit: natasha

and here's this picture because solas wants to know more about what you're doing...

so listen.  it's a little scary right now -- it's a lot scary right now -- and the sun came up today just as sure as the dark'll fall tonight with its gentle blanket.

your prayers are the wind at our backs.  thank you for them, and thank you for you.

sweet Creator
with gratitude
we surrender
in faith