now here in Brazil

Hello all. I'm writing this on an ipad, so forgive the capitalization...


First days in Brazil

First days in Brazil

We are here! Although that's always true, right now here means abadajania, Brazil! Which means that the passports worked, the visas worked, and the intra-Brazilian cab worked. Which means your prayers certainly worked.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and medium Joao receives people wed thru friday, which makes tomorrow our first time seeing him.  Your prayers and your faith that Rebecca can be healed through the mercy of the One Divine Creator are so so welcomed at this time.  Whether the healing comes thru this person John or comes directly to Rebecca or thru a perfect glass of water she drinks or in a dream, we are here focused on her healing for these next two weeks in ways that it hasn't before been possible. I believe that our mustard seed can sprout in an environment such as this.

One thing that sometimes happens here is that medium joao does what they call a spiritual surgery.  It's fundamentally a focused prayer space. Often times after one of these occurs, the person will be told to observe certain protocols afterwards in order to maximize the healing. And often included in that is staying away from technology for awhile, sometimes 40 days.

One thing I realized just tonight is that I'm going thru the line to see john tomorrow, just like Rebecca, and I'm going to need to ask for healing for myself, just like Rebecca, because that's just the way it goes here. I thought those of you who have contacted me reminding me that I too need healing in this time would be glad to know this....and if I can't be on a laptop for 40 days, we'll certainly find other ways for people close to us to post updates, but it might get quiet for a little bit. Don't assume if I haven't pestered you with an update that I've forgotten you! It actually means I'm needing prayer for myself as well.

So.  We love you all, all of you who we know and all of you who we don't. All of you who are reading this, saying prayers, lighting's beyond words what you've offered us in this journey.

Thank you.


With gratitude to God, the one beginning and ending of all

You who created the universe

You who are the universe

You who send us into the world

You who call us home, forever 

We give thanks for these days spilling over us like water from sacred falls

We give thanks for the love we share

We give thanks for many arms holding

Many hearts healing

Many souls singing

So many of your fingerprints left all over us

Over creation

Over us, your creations

We give thanks for our health

Especially for the continued health of baby solas

We give thanks for Rebecca's healing

The restoration of her eyesight 

The removal of tumors from her body

We pray for solas' continued health

We pray for health and grace for his godmother, seneca, and the rest of those supporting him this month

We pray for health and grace for his mother, Rebecca

May her treatments have the best possible outcome

May she be restored to radiant health

May her body be clear of all tumors

We pray for iridaea to be grace and health filled

We pray for his heart to know the peace of the Christ

We pray in the name of Jesus, healer - heal her

We pray in the name of Mary, our lady of the waters

We pray in the name of Mary, of the first believers

We pray in the name of Brigid, of the celts

With profound gratitude

We surrender 

In faith

Thy will be done