Rising Tides

Welcome to now, to this moment, to the other side of that horrible election. We are mourning alongside you. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. And please accept the challenge that history has extended to you - to us - to rise and meet the occasion.

In this moment we truly don't know what will come next. But we do know that this is a time that will challenge us, where decisions between doing what is right and what is easy loom on the immediate horizon. We do know the winner of the election campaigned on overt racism, sexism and homophobia (instead of doing it covertly, like we're accustomed to our politicians [on both sides] doing). We do know hate crimes have risen in the wake of the results. There are those who figure there's no way he will do all those awful things he said on the campaign trail, but history teaches us that it's up to us to make sure he can't.

This is what that means for us at the Temple of the Waters...

Support for you:
We want to support you in your spiritual path in this time, whatever that looks like
Water for you:
We invite you to participate in a water-blessing, from wherever you may be
Water for the temple:
We ask your support in consecrating the work of the Temple of the Waters, with water from the land that holds you

photo credit: Rebecca Tidewalker

photo credit: Rebecca Tidewalker

Support for you: Monastic witness

We (and these are the monks and the board that constitute that "we") want to extend ourselves as a support to you in your spiritual path, whatever it may be.  The time is too precious, and the hour is too late, to waste our energy in the diversions of the spiritually malnourished:

We need access to that silence which allows real wisdom to enter and offer divine illumination of our paths forward.  
We need the internal peace that allows us to extend compassion and kindness to each other in our organizing communities, so that together we can be stronger than this fear.  
We need that sacred dark, that fallow stillness, to spend time in so that our cup of life may ever be refilled.  
We need connection to the eternal spark of inspiration and passion, to nurture our fire truly and well, that we might never burn out and engulf those around us in our flames.

What does that mean practically?  Our thought is that you'd focus on something you want to be doing between now and next Samhain/Halloween.  And it can be pretty much anything.  Really.  Anything that would benefit from a monk or other member of our little water temple contacting you to follow up and be a cheerleader for your soul.

Maybe you want to commit to spending all the high holidays in the next year at the shore of the ocean, maybe you want to sit before your altar every day and you need help kickstarting that practice, maybe you want to hold vigils of resistance to creeping fascism in your town square once a month, or once a week, or every day.  Maybe you want help grounding before heading off to shut-down that INS office.  Maybe it's time to honor your old wounds by dialing up a therapist and working out some kinks, some patterns that turn friends into enemies, but you're having trouble picking up the phone.  Maybe it's hard to touch the ground of faith from where you are, and you could use a prayer-filled word every now and again to prime the pump at that forever spring.

Everyone's spiritual path is unique, but they all require discipline and they (nearly) all require community.  We thought you might could use a little help right now, in this time of gathering darkness, in this time of tending a fragile light.

Rebecca's Final Water Prayer

Last week, November 11th, marked three months since the death of our dear Rebecca Tidewalker.  A few months before she died, we talked about how to continue to birth this new temple.  We sat with her in spiritual practice, grounded, and listened to the land and the waters for guidance.  And this is what we heard:  The waters must swell.  The tides must rise.  Do ceremony and gather together people to pray with the waters, to bless the waters, to thank the waters.  Weave threads of connection through the waters of your bodies, the waters of your blood.  Weave threads through collective practice and community building.

And she, along with the rest of the Temple, gathered water from the ocean and prayed this intention into the water.

Water for you, Watering the temple:
Water Prayer and Consecration

If you'd like, we'd like to share that water with you.  Rebecca's vision was for us to send that water out to people, for them to pray with it, to make a commitment with the water as witness, to seal the commitment by offering the water back to the earth, and to collect water from their own place to send back to us here, to be part of our Temple consecration.  Like a house-warming, but with more prayer.  And more water...

The Invitation

Are you called to join us in this?  These pieces, the water prayers and the monastic support, can be separated if only part of it calls to you.

Let us know how you are called, send an email to monk@templeofthewaters.org and we'll go from there.  If you don't mind being public about your commitment, please also post in the comments section of this page -- shine that light of yours into the world!

Whatever your next step is, please know that we are here, we are with you, and we are praying that grace be on all of us in these times.

In love
In faith
In solidarity,

The Temple of the Waters