the results are in...

...and we are giving SO MUCH thanks.

photo cred: julie dragonfly

photo cred: julie dragonfly



now, if we were truly, fully enlightened, we'd give the same amount of thanks all the time. because what is life but the slow-motion unfolding of our Creator's will?

but, being tiny little humans and spiritually under-developed ones at that, it's a lot easier to give that thanks when the news is pointing to healing in rebecca's body.

putting it briefly -- every single spot that they saw had either shrunk or disappeared completely. in our doctor's words: "well, this is about as good a result as we could have possibly hoped for."


drilling down a bit, here's the highlights:

* the growth on her pinneal gland appears to be gone (!)
* the growth on her pituitary there is still there, but has shrunk considerably
* the growths in her lymph nodes appear to have left the building
* the tumors in her liver decreased by something between 50%-75%
* in her lungs, where there were spots scattered throughout to the point where they simply referred to them as "countless," the result was this: "Near complete interval resolution of the previously seen innumerable randomly distributed pulmonary nodules." Translation: her lungs are almost totally cleared. The one exception to that is the place we've been calling the grandmother node, the originator of this, which shrunk a little bit anyway.  still about 2.5 x 1 cm in size...

the thing that we'll be watching So Closely as we go forward is her brain/spinal-column. the amazing thing is that Maybe we're in the clear and just don't know it yet (that's become a refrain in the last couple months, eh?).  the MRI showed that the places they'd been watching in her brain faded away, and she's asymptomatic in terms of brain pressures.

and nothing lit up on her spinal column. which means that Maybe - maybe none of the nodes that got into her cerebellum swam into her spinal fluid.

there's no clear way of knowing for certain, since they'd only show up on a PET scan if they clumped together and started ruining things, but what we can say is that either they're not there, or they haven't clumped together.


funny thing about this new drug that tides is on: they don't know whether it will penetrate the blood-brain barrier (which is the thing that keeps your brain from getting sick every time you do, and it makes it hard for blood to carry medications there), but there's some hope and some results coming in that suggest that it might.

which means that the doctors are continuing to pray for us, in their own doctorly way.

and so holy hallelujah! we are so grateful! what a life, what a gift. we pray that this progress will continue and we're so thankful to all of the everything that's gone into it. the western medicine, the sweet healing from john of god, the work of the brazilian anti-cancer machine inventor, the cannibanoid extract, the turkey tail tea, the wheat grass and the broccoli sprouts, the whole-brain radiation, the smiles we get when watching solas, the you and every prayer you've prayed, every dollar you've dollared, every candle you lit and every note you sent to us offering support, love, empathy and shared joy. every tear of hope or fear you've shed --- it is a cleansing ocean flowing from rebecca's crown through her body and running out of her carrying these bundles of cells with it like pebbles making pilgrimage to the ocean.

to paraphrase my brother mike: "praise to the Most High and all those who work in His name!"

when me and seneca and rebecca got the news at the doctor's office we wept and laughed and sang and prayed to All The Things.

and it went maybe something like most of the tags at the end of these posts.

and i'm so grateful to you for being on this journey with us, for living these updates with us, for praying these prayers with us. without you, no posts.

without you, i wouldn't have learned to pray like this.

thank you for that.

this journey has been a prayer academy for me and what a gift forever that is.


what's next?

we'll probably go back to see john of god in april.  mid-april or so...

next steps on the western medicine side are to do a progress set of scans in two months. our wildly fabulous radiology doctor thinks the bulk of the effects from the whole brain radiation won't be seen until we're three months out (we're about 6 weeks out right now), so she'd expect the work we've seen in rebecca's brain to continue in the interim.

so we'll get those scans and then send rebecca south again to the entities of light, and the focused healing that the town of abadiania affords. and the mad scientist at the end of the road. and the prayers and love and the miracle of faith that is available everywhere you walk in this world of wonders.

amen!  thankyouthankyouthankyoujesusmarymarybrigid


Dear You Who Are All:

Thanks! You're the best!



PS -- See you soon