Pilgrim Constitution

The heart of our practice is our deep abiding love and devotion for the Great Mystery of Life, called by many names throughout many times and places, both beyond the reach of our wildest imaginings and within the embrace of the earth, air, fire and water.

This love calls us to remember how to honor our relationship with this Mystery, with the holy in all things, and to offer our service in gratitude to life.

We endeavor to listen and to follow the guidance received through divine inspiration, dreams and visions. We listen to the voices within the water and stars, forests and mountains, and the wisdom of our ancestors. We listen for ways to live and act that restore balance in an age of social and environmental devastation.

We practice in order to open ourselves to that guidance and to find the strength and support needed to be accountable to our relationship with the divine and bring forth the visions gifted to us into this world.

This is how we seek to walk with faith, to follow a pilgrim's path. These are our prayers, and our prayers become our actions. This walking prayer is the seed of the temple of the waters. All of our offerings are brought forth from this wellspring.