First Aid

January 1, 2017: At the stroke of midnight, I was scrambling to apply pressure to the wound of someone who had stepped on glass while getting down barefoot on the dance floor.  The first seconds of the year ticked away and I found myself rustling through my friend's cabinet trying to find the necessary supplies to bandage up the wound. 


Applying first aid seems like a fitting start to a year that has already witnessed the beginning of a congressional repeal of the Affordable Care Act endangering the lives of over 20 million Americans who rely on the ACA for health coverage.  This repeal is threatening to close down nearly 700 hospitals in rural areas across the country.  The new congress has vowed to repeal funding for women and trans health care.  They are even aiming at Medi-Care, the health safety net for elders and people with disabilities in the US.  


And that's just scratching the surface.  The incoming presidential administration ran a campaign on hatredhomophobiaxenophobia and misogyny.  He’s vowed to appoint white supremacists to his cabinet and has promised to force Muslims to register in a national database, deport members of our families and our communities, and believes climate change is a "hoax”.  He’s got personal investments in the Dakota Access Pipeline.  He’s proposing illegal efforts to privatize Native Land.  And that’s just the beginning of it.  


2017 is going to be a year that this country is going to need a lot of first aid.  And it’s going to be up to each of us to apply pressure, throw stitches and prevent the wounds from being lethal.  I know you know this, beautiful beings of the waters.  You’re here because you love the earth, you care for justice, you believe that faith is alive and you live your faith through service and action.  You can hear the waters calling us.  Calling us to rise. 


The future that lies ahead is unknown.  What is known is that we need each other—more now than ever.  What is known is that we must listen to each other and find ways to work together.  There are those who figure there's no way they will do all those awful things they have said on the campaign trail, but history teaches us that it's up to us to make sure they can't.


We have been listening to the waters.  We have been praying and singing, making offerings.  We can hear the waters whispering.  “Find the rivers and streams.  Join together and rise.”  And so in 2017 the Temple is launching Seeds of Action.  This blog is a place for activists to gather together to share about actions, strategies and spiritual practices that will sustain us as we rise up and fight back.  Many of us have been doing this for years and some of us are new to this work.  All are welcome and all have wisdom to share.  


We begin this gathering online and will continue through gathering in person.  More info about these gatherings and spiritual skill shares coming soon.  


This weekend great storms are hitting here in Ohlone terriorty.  Over a foot of rain is predicted here in Northern California.  This weekend, I invite you to listen to these rains as they fall.  Find the place of quiet and stillness within.  Listen.  What are these great rains telling you?  What is the wisdom that the waters of the sky is offering?  What is the action you are being called into as these storms are upon us and a dark cloud falls over this nation?


With Love and Prayers for Justice,





Welcome to Seeds of Action.  This new blog is born of the resistance.  2017 is a time calling us all into action.  May Seeds of Action be a place we can gather online to share prayers, practices and inspiration during these times calling forth our resistance.  Please use the comments section to share your reflections and check back regularly for updates.  We will be gathering monthly in person in Chocheyno Ohlone Territory (also referred to as the East Bay of California).  More info to come soon.