Voices of the Waters: Returning to the Well of Wisdom

Water has long been associated with mysticism, with the symbolic language of dreams and the arts, with intuition, emotion, healing and oracular inspiration. In the Celtic lands, it is told that all rivers spring forth from an Otherworld well of wisdom. There is an old story of the 'voices of the wells' - the otherworldly guardian spirits, healers and oracles - who tended to the sacred waters and the spiritual wisdom within them. And when these spirits were violated, all the waters retreated and left the world as a barren wasteland, severed from otherworldly wisdom.

This temple is dedicated to the healing and restoration of our relationship with the waters of the world and to all beings everywhere who depend on healthy clean water for life.

We give thanks for these waters that give and sustain life. May we return to balance and honor our relationship with water, with humility for the power it carries and with reverence and respect for the blessing it freely gives.

We hear the waters calling from the rivers, creeks, lakes, holy wells, and seas, from beneath the ground and within our bloodlines. Many beings are hearing a call and are gathering around our sacred waters, offering prayers and blessings and working to protect and preserve them.

We give thanks for this and we give thanks to be a small part of these great prayers for the waters of the world.

Water connects all life - what becomes of the water becomes of us all.